Distinguish between circulars and notices along with formats?

Notice - A message / information's bringing to all which will be put up in common place

Circular- A message / information's bringing to certain group of people belonging to the information's.

Like memos, circulars and notices are also written forms of communication within the organization.
The difference between a circular and a notice is that circulars are announcements that are distributed to small or selective groups of people within the organization, whereas notices are meant for a larger group of people.

Example – If a manager wants to call a meeting of heads of departments, he will pass around a circular only to the heads, requesting them to attend that meeting.
On the other hand, notices generally contain information or announcements that are meant for all the employees of an organization.
Example – A list of declared holidays for a calendar year is a notice, since the information is relevant to all employees.
A notice is therefore a legal document that has to be put up on an official notice or bulletin board.
Let us examine another example of a circular and a notice.
Imagine that you are the President of the Student Committee in a management college and wish to hold a meeting to plan for the Annual Management Fest of the college. You will have to send some information to those whom you want to involve in organizing the Fest. You may not want all the students to be involved initially, since it may take a lot of time and there may be too many suggestions. Instead, you may choose to invite only the committee members to discuss details such as the date, venue, duration, how to get sponsors and so on. For this purpose, you may send a circular only to the student committee members, requesting them to attend the meeting. During the meeting, the date and venue may be finalized and various smaller committees may be formed, such as a reception committee, stage committee and so on. You may also decide to get each student to contribute a nominal amount for the Fest. In order to announce these details and ask for student contributions, you may then put up a notice on the official college notice board which all students can see and respond to.

However, under special circumstances notices may also be sent to individual employees. An example of this type of notice is the "Show Cause Notice", which is sent when an employee is found to be guilty of major misconduct. The notice usually mentions the allegations against the employee and ask for a written explanation within a specified time, failing which the action that would be taken against the employee (e.g. suspension from the job) is stated.
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